kim-kardashian-parisSocialite & Media Maven Kim Kardashian’s story is getting fishy & fishier and almost reminiscent of Ryan Lochte unbelievable story he spun about being robbed while at the Olympics in Rio.  Except in this case the Cops haven’t been able to obtain any footage from the night in question that would help them in finding out the truth.

After the horrible ordeal Kim Kardashian had to go through this week with “Kim getting assualted & robbed” alledgedly during Fashion Week in Paris. Police in Paris have been hard at work at solving the case of “Who robbed Mrs. Kardashian-West of her Possesions”?.

They searched for footage in and around Kim’s Flat and found none. And also ventured outside her building to nearby shops hoping to find some surveillance footage, also turning up empty there.  The only footage they could find was Police Footage from the street cams, but the cameras faced away from the front of her building.  So the Police weren’t able to catch the robbers in action, and it couldn’t be more convenient for them that they didn’t.kim-kardashianThe Robbers got away with the new ring Kanye just gifted his wife Kim with just weeks ago.

Who in the World could master-mind a plan this beautiful, if it weren’t for someone in her inner-circle?  Kim insist it wasn’t her body guard who was in on it, as she’s the one who sent him with her sister Kourtney & Kendall to watch them at the Club.  But what would it matter anyway her security doesn’t carry weapons, and supposedly it was 5-6 of them with guns who came in.  So what good could he have been, had he’d been there anyways?

Now Kim’s been radio silent  reports are written up on how shaken she is.. But her siblings instead of rushing to her side are posting from different venues and events, still doing there own thing.

Not to say they don’t care, but how serious could it have been if they don’t seem to be concerned about it enough to back off social media at least for a few days.  Just to come to terms on how close it was they could of lost their sister.



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