paloma-ford2After a tumultuous break up with Iggy Azalea Nick Young is back into the Hollywood-LA perpetual dating pool and has cross paths with up and coming artist Paloma Ford.  They were caught hanging out this past week on a date in LA.

Now I’m going to assume she’s going to help him become a better man, but knowing Nick Young or as I call him “Cant Get Right” he not gonna do right-The Real Reason Iggy & Nick Young Called It Quits.  Anybody who’d date this man after sleeping with Iggy Azalea is asking for the some gifts according to Iggy’s ex boyfriend/manager –Iggy’s Ex Says “She Gave Me Herpes”.

Which now that I closely examine the photo above, Paloma is purposely avoiding his mouth.  I think she knows not to let him go down on her kiss this man. Girl don’t linger here to long, cause he’s not going to do anything but slow you down.

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