kevin-hart-ebonyYes, Comedian/Actor Kevin Hart has officially become the “Rock Star” of Comedy, as it was just reported last week that Hart is the World’s Highest Paid Comedian.  Meaning he’s surpassed the likes of Jerry Seinfeld and Eddie Murphy.

Now as of this week he officially has a Star on the coveted “Hollywood Walk of Fame”, it sometimes takes an actor/performer decades before they obtain such an achievement.  And I’m certain there’s more than a few actors who feel slighted in him being honored.  kevin-hart-hwwof2Kevin Hart is the first comic to have his own shoe line with a Popular Athletics Brand Nike,the Hustle Hart line.  He made a killing a few weeks back dropping his own 3D Kevin Hart Emoji’s, and with everyday that passes thousands in purchases & downloads are being made. He also has a line of Tommy John Draws (Boxer & Briefs), and I believe he also has his own line of headphones made specifically for Apple Products.

Kevin not only makes money off his own comedy tours, but also on the side tours he put’s on for comics he came up with, or got to know in passing.

Hart is helping put a lot of people on, which guarantee’s longevity in any field especially comedy.  Because the more people you get on the more opportunities you have for yourself, forbid you ever fell off.

kevin-hart-hwwofKevin is Photo’d above with his Children & New Wife.

Torrei Hart isn’t pictured above, but she wasn’t far as she was in attendance of the Hollywood Walk a Fame Ceremony.  And why wouldn’t she be, she was there when they had nothing.  So Kevin inviting her was the sweetest, and most honorable thing he could do.  That’s why I respect him so much, he goes above and beyond to make sure not only his children but his ex-wife is taken care of.

His new Wife Eniko is even starting to grow on me, even when everybody was throwing dirt on her name in the beginning on the blogs and comments, she never spoke ill that I can think of about Torrei.  I won’t even repeat what it was that was said before, its all in the past and I’m all for the Hart’s winning!


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