adrien-broner44American Professional Boxer Adrien Broner has been battling quite a few demons lately. And that battle nearly came to an end earlier today, in the guise of several short threatening messages via Broner’s Instragram.

adThis message above was posted yesterday (10/11/2016) the day before he posted his ominously self threatening post below.
adrien-broneradrienbroner “Sorry”

Adrien Posted Early this Morning he’d be taking his life around 3pm (believed to be CST) and he captioned his message “Sorry”.  From there family and friends were frantic in trying to get in touch with him to check on his well being.  Of course Adrien ignores their calls.

adrien-broner-2adrienbroner  I’m going home I love y’all 🙏🏾

He posted this photo of the gun he intended on using to take his life an hour after the previous one, making people aware on how he intended on going out.  At this point he’s still ignoring loved one’s and friends who reach out.


25 Minutes til 3 he post this cryptic countdown til his self inflicted demise.   Moments pass after he posted this last message with everyone believing he’d gone through with it.  Well come to find out he didn’t go through with it and he’s ok.  The question now is, where’s Adrien Broner and is he receiving the necessary help he needs?  The next report we should be reading about him, is how he was placed on a 51/50 hold for an evaluation of his mental health for his and the public’s safety.

Let’s keep Adrien in our prayers…

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