malinda-williamsWhen Actress & Producer Malinda Williams shot the cover for Kontrol Magazine:Love Your Body Issue, she wanted everyone to know that yes I’m 40 and that my Black don’t crack. 


Williams was previously married to Actor Mekhi Phifer and they share one son, he’s since moved on.  Malinda married once more after Mekhi to Hip Hop DJ D-Nice, their marriage was brief lasting all of 2 1/2 years.  Malinda has now been officially divorced for 6 years and hasn’t allowed her heart break or failed marriages to thwart her passion for Acting. malinda-williams-2“I’ve been in the acting game a long time—several decades! I started this when I was ten years old. I started out as a model, a child model, and from there and then just naturally transitioned from television to film work…so it’s definitely been over thirty years…”

She’s been in the game so long, that’s all she knows really career wise, but she’s found herself being more open about her passion for beauty and make up.  She has several Youtube tutorials sharing her experience in blending or applying certain makeup, hair, looks and styles.

malinda-williams-3rghtThis was my purpose, this is my purpose; and when you are living in your true purpose there is almost nothing you can do to mess it up! So let’s start with that, right? And by recognizing that this is my purpose I listen to my spirit, I follow my heart because I believe that those ideas were truly put in my heart because it is my calling, and I just don’t ignore my calling.”

Words of wisdom from a true Hollywood Diva, since Malinda started acting she’s consistently been working for the past 30 years and that’s a feat that not every seasoned Black Actor has accomplished.  Looking at her IMDB profile you might see two 1-2 year gaps, but those are explainable based off the event’s she took time to enjoy in her life, such as marriage and the birth of her son.





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