jayzBeing that Prince’s unreleased music is up for grabs, a catalog that boast that it “contains enough music to last the next one hundred years”.  That being said Rapper & Mogul Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter couldn’t allow those precious tracks to slip through his nor Beyonce’s fingers. 

So Shawn took the time to sit down and speak with Princes sister Tyka Nelson while she was visiting New York in hopes of striking a deal. Rumor has i that the offer on the table for 40 million, but if we know anything about the worth of his past catalogs this is certainly a slap in the face.

According to Vibe:

The “Spiritual” rapper met with Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson and her husband in New York this week to make his pitch. Sources claim the offer was around $40 million. Before anything could be signed, Mr. Carter would need approval from all the singer’s heirs to the estate which include six full and half-brothers and sisters.
At the time of his death, the singer’s vault was rumored to contain enough music to last the next one hundred years. Also before his passing, Prince was in negotiation with his former label Warner Bros. to receive the rights to all of his previously-released masters–which he successfully achieved, hence Jay’s verse in ‘All The Way Up (Remix)’: “Prince left his masters where they safe and sound.”

I think this was a tremendous effort on Jay-Z part, as he’s the only Rapper/Mogul who’ openly shown interest in owning Prince’s unreleased Master.  And if you ask me he’s probably the only mainstream  Rapper who could afford it without batting an eye.  As Jay-Z & Beyonce Collectively worth nearly 1 Billion Dollars. I think that he could put some more respect on Prince’s name and offer an additional 10 million, considering this catalog will likely bring in 100’s of millions once they start sampling the Genius that was/Is Prince.

We’ll see what will happen like they say everyone on the estate has to sign off on the sale of the music.

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