rgiii NFL Quarterback Robert Griffin III has no wasted a second falling head over heels in love with Estonian born FSU Track Star Grete Sadeiko.  They get dressed up and go out every chance they get, and with RGIII being injured you have to ask yourself was it on purpose? Who wouldn’t want an excuse to lay up under that all day? 


Looking at her I’m trying to find reasons to still get paid and hang outwith her.  With him being hurt, this will be a test of their relationship.  With school and everything she has going on in life, will she have time to help nurse him back to health.  Or will his soon to be ex wife have an opening to come back and rekindle what was and convince him to remain a family.

Besides with him clearly moved on, what’s taking so long for the Divorce to be finalized and go through?  They’ve been about to divorce for nearly 2 1/2 years seems like it.  And although I’m sure Grete is in no rush to get married & play step mom right, I’m sure if Robert acted right she’d be open to it.  She’s only 23 and has time o decided, besides Robert knows all about rushing into marriage to soon. Being his current marriage is in shambles.-RG3 BACK ON THE MARKET, READY TO DIVORCE WIFE OF 3 YEARS?!.

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