King Cairo is over being the Ferrari Man and he’s moving on to bigger & better costumes, see who he chose to be for Halloween it’s to cute.

cairo-ferrariBlac Chyna’s Snap Chat

Blac Chyna is always considering what it is her son wants to do and I think it’ll make him a better decision maker in the future by encouraging him to choose.  But as with anything she laid out the choices before him and asked him what would he like to dress up as for Halloween?  He quickly told her without any delay that he’d like to dress up as Rob Kardashian and not the Ferrari Man.   Which many can construe as a dig to his father, whom is obsessed with Ferrari’s himself.

cairoSo he happily put on his Black Shirt & Shorts, LA Dodgers Cap & Gucci Flip Flops to walk around the neighborhood looking like the man he admires in his life, other than his father that is.


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