theophilious-washington 20-Year Old College Student Theophilous Washington didn’t feel prepared or ready enough to be a father of a child.  And the actions he took this past week prove that he was willing to do anything to delay his entry into Fatherhood, going as far as poisoning the mother of his unborn child.

According to Vibe:

According to The New York Daily News, the 20 year old Millersville University student confessed to police he intentionally poured the harmful chemical liquid into the glass of water because he didn’t want his girlfriend to have their child.
The District Attorney’s office said the two were together Thursday night into Friday morning and prior to the victim leaving, Washington recommended she have some water. When the young lady made it back to her dorm on campus, she felt a burning sensation in her throat, threw up and called 911.
Fortunately, a doctor examined the woman and concluded her and her unborn child weren’t harmed.  Washington remains in police custody on a $1 million bail pending his Nov. 4 preliminary hearing.

I couldn’t believe it, but than again today’s Generation is super selfish and not thoughtful.  So of course he tried to poison her, and to think she loved this man enough for him to impregnate her in the first place.  I know this is a confusing time for her, as she likely was still trying to be with him in a relationship.

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