soulja-boy-air-bnbHip Hop’s Knuckle-Head Soulja Boy stay stunting about what he got going on and nobody knows why.  He gets money there’s no question about that and not to say he can’t afford most of what he be trying to stunt in, he just likes lying apparently over actually owning it. This week Soulja posted videos of himself on social media saying he’d just made a 6 million dollar purchase of a new Penthouse. 

Well people over AkademiksTV wasn’t buying it and they did a little research and ended up catching  Soulja Boy was lying about his most recent purchase and pulled receipts and posted it on their Instagram (see screenshot below)akademikstvWhat they found was this was an AirBnb rental that he was stunting in for $895.00 a night and that he didn’t own the pad after all.  Soulja hasn’t spoken on he accusation that he’s lying and I believe he’s just enjoying the attention that he’s receiving because it makes him feel relevant.  I swear he built like a 15-year-old boy and his only fan’s are pre-teens and little bad a** kids.  Cause I can definitely tell you no one over the age of 25 is checking for Soulja Boy and if it weren’t for his constant unnecessary buffoonery no one would know who he was. Get it together Mr.Andre Way.Soulja Boy Wants You To Know!

Come to think of it Soulja Boy not even a thug, he just childish and petty.

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