crazy-woman A Pittsburgh mother is in deep trouble after cops discovered that the death of her son, was no accident. Christian Clark (Photo’d above) 21 year-old mother of two was feeling vengeful after having an argument with her children’s father.  Clark  believing he’d left work early and wasn’t home because he was out cheating on her.  Being that she could only reach him via text, she used it to her advantage in proving her point.

She started by texting her babies father threatening to kill their children, with him ignoring he; Thinking she wouldn’t do such a thing.  When he didn’t believe her she went as far as sending him video evidence that she killed their 17-month old son Andre Price III, and only than did he take it upon himself to take action. Andre Sr. started begging Christian to revive the little boy or call for help, in which she texted back that he himself needed to call an ambulance for his son.  Their 2-year old daughter although she was also threatened she survived physically unharmed.  Police only discovered she’d been the reason the boy died when questioning her and the baby’s father at the hospital.

MetroNews Reports:

Allegheny County homicide detectives say Clark was arguing with the boy’s father, Andre Price Jr., when she started sending increasingly violent text messages beginning about 9 p.m. Tuesday. The complaint indicated Clark was upset at having to clean up toilet water the children spilled but mostly because Price had left for work earlier in the day and Clark believed he planned to have sex with another woman.
“Ya kids ain’t safe here I don’t want them here” and “Answer me or im going to jail for child endangerment” were two of the dozens of texts listed in the criminal complaint. Then came a message at 10:01 p.m. that said, “I’m killing them” — followed by a laughing emoji with tears coming from its eyes, police said.
At various points, Clark also texted photos of each child — including one of the boy face-down on an air mattress with his face in a comforter.
By 10:14 p.m., Clark sent the first video, showing the children lying face-down with Clark narrating, “Ahh look Angel is still alive and sweating your son on the other hand is not even breathing, I wish I could keep the camera still.”
Another video five minutes later showed Clark grabbing Angel’s head, prompting the girl to cry. When Clark grabbed the boy’s head, he didn’t respond, police said.

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Clark has been jailed without bond after being arraigned on charges of criminal homicide in the death of her 17-month old son Andre Price.  The Police are still contemplating on charging the father of the children, in which I can understand considering he failed to contact and inform them of how the toddler died.

I mean what kind of man takes his children’s lives as a joke or not serious when they’re threatened? And I don’t care if it was by their own mother, the least he could’ve done was contact authorities and informed them of the threats and provided them with the address so they could go check on his children.  I hope they do charge him with neglect.  SMDH!

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