LILWAYNE CASH MONEYNightline News thought it would be interesting to follow rapper Lil Wayne for the past 3 years documenting the many controversies and struggles he’s gone through.  Touching briefly on the rise and come up of the rapper and the beef he has with Baby, along with explaining the decision behind writing his memoir.-Weezy Admits In Memoir, To Officiating a Gay Marriage While In Prison?!.

Things turned left within the first few moment’s of the interview when Wayne was asked about his controversial statement’s about not understanding Racism or the Black Lives Matter Movement.  He feels as though since he has white fans, racism doesn’t exist for him as he explained in a past interview on Fox Sports.  He got disturbed that the African-American Female Reporter inquired as to why he felt that way, he mumbled more than a few expletives than abruptly stormed of set.


I can understand and respect his stance in not waning to alienate his white fans, by saying why he didn’t support the Black Lives Matter Movement, as I also believe All Lives Matter.  But him using he language and the tone he did with this Woman, was highly disrespectful and distasteful, it makes you wonder how does he feel about Black Women or women in general.  I hope he comes to his senses and apologizes because he looks extremely rude and out of pocket right now.

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