rick-rossHip Hop Boss Rick Ross took to his Snap Chat this past week and admitted he was the responsible for ending the feud between Rapper The Game & his protege Meek Mill.  Ross like everyone else in the Hip Hop Community was tired of how messy it was getting and wanted to put a stop to the beef between the two rapper’s before it went to far.  But knowing this isn’t the first time Meek as initiated an all out war on a fellow MC, I’m going to take a guess and say this wont be the last time Rick Ross has to save him.

We can only hope after this latest beef Meek will be done for a while and let things cool off before he decides to start complaining again. It was just this past week he revealed the reason behind his beef with Drake.  It had to do with the fact he had a show in Philly and he claims Drake promised months before he’d come perform.  And when the day came and Drake was a no-show, Meek was upset because he told everyone to expect to see him there.  So it made him look like a liar.

Lame! I know right…smdh! Someone please show Meek a seat, so he can have one.  Matter a fact, take several..

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