young-thugYoung Thus is at it again with his antics, this time his sheenanigan’s took place at the airport in Atlanta.  Thugga was trying to catch a flight to a show in Seattle when he got into it with a couple of the gate agents over him boarding the plane.

TMZ Reports:

Young Thug gave two female Alaska Airlines employees the business for trying to make him miss his flight and his show … at least that’s the way he saw it.
The rapper went in on the women pretty hard — calling them “peasants” and “ants” with “nappy” hair. You can tell they’re pissed as he tried to offer them $15k to quit their jobs.
A rep for the airline tells TMZ … Thug was supposed to be on a flight from ATL to Seattle, but he arrived after their 45 minute cutoff period. We’re told they were still able to get him on a partner flight.
It’s unclear if he’ll land in time for his 7 PM gig in Seattle.
We don’t know what was said before Thug started recording, but the way he treats the women here … makes him seem like a complete tool.



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