stevie j joselineThe streets had just begun buzzing about Stevie J & Joseline’s most recent make up, after a video Stevie posted of Joseline making him breakfast in his kitchen went viral. 

And in the next breath the reports of Joseline assaulting Stevie & blacking his eye start pouring in from TMZ and other news sources.  It wasn’t much details at first, but TMZ has gotten the full scoop of what occurred.  Check out the Deets below..

TMZ Reports:

Joseline Hernandez went BALLISTIC when she found out some chick was hanging at Stevie J‘s pad and that’s why she went on the attack … at least that’s what Stevie told cops.
The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star called Atlanta PD Sunday and told them Joseline became real violent and attempted to punch and scratch him … this according to the police report.
Stevie claimed Joseline busted his face and injured his eyes … but cops said they saw no visible injuries. They also advised him to get a restraining order, but he hasn’t. Joseline — who should pop out a baby girl in a matter of weeks — wasn’t there when cops showed up.
Sources tell TMZ … Joseline had been under the impression Tommie Lee was the chick at Stevie’s crib but we’re told it was actually someone else. Tommie and Joseline, of course, have a nasty history.
The next day … Sandy Springs PD were called after Stevie said she assaulted him again. According to the police report … Stevie says Joseline used her hands, feet and teeth to attack him.

It’s insane that they’d even consider reconciling with each other, because of the fact they’re toxic together.  The last thing Stevie or Joseline needed was a baby, especially together.  As of now Stevie is pursuing full custody of his unborn child Bonnie Bella and requesting a judge order a Psych Eval. for Joseline Hernandez.  Which isn’t necessarily unreasonable considering her volatile outburst of anger and putting her hands on people.Joseline Drops More Bombshells About Stevie J

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