first-family-of-hiphopClick Photo Above To Watch “First Family of Hip Hop”

The Robinsons are Hip Hop Royalty as their Parents/Grand Parents Joe and Sylvia Robinson started Sugar Hill Records in 1979, which was the first Label Specializing in Hip Hop.  Hence the title “First Family of Hip Hop”.

Darnell Robinson has had his share of spotlight being he did MTV’s Sweet 16, made appearances on a few other notable shows and red carpets.  His focal point is him finding new talent and the drama that comes along with having a girlfriend while doing it.  His chick, Eseni is a bit to much for somebody who don’t do nothing.  If you want to look like you do something in life, just post modeling photo’s on Instagram, insert semi famous boyfriend and stir.

Somaya Reece has found her way back on to Reality TV by means of her girl friend, Producer Shanell “Lady Luck” Robinson.  And of course where ever she goes drama follows, this episode it was a bit tame and just a taste of what’s to come.


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