azealia-banks2 Just when you think NY Born Rapper Azealia Banks couldn’t get any crazier, she does.  This week she thought it’d be a great idea to share with her followers & fans, snaps of her cleaning out one of her closets in her apartment.  I know your wondering, “well what’s wrong with that?”Well lets throw in the fact its where she’s admittedly sacrificed chickens for the last three years and performed ceremonies.  Now I’m no satanist, but isn’t that something that you clean up immediately after.  Who let’s chicken blood & feathers gather over years in there apartment or any dwelling they live in.  All I could think to myself after watching the snaps (see video of snaps below)was, “I bet her house is funky” and “No wonder she’s crazy, heck she’s possessed”.


Also,  I’d like to know what apartment she’s renting to and what they intend on doing, knowing she in there sacrificing chickens in they closets?  I know her neighbors have got to be freaked out!  I know I would be.  I’d keep a Cross & a super-soaker filled with Holy Water, in case I ran into her on the premises.

What’s eve funnier is that the Official Twitter account for the Church of Satan, released a statement shaming Bank’s behavior.  All the while distancing their religion from her crazy antics, by expressing that in Satanism they don’t do ritual sacrifice. (rolls eye’s)  The Devil is a Lie, and knowing him and Satan are one, than that tells me “same goes for him”.


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