logoWe’ve been M.I.A for the past month, what I’d like to believe was a much needed hiatus.  It was nice being able to relax, but don’t think we missed all the f**kery that has transpired .

The Soulja Boy & Chris Brown Beef has got to be the funniest topic of all time on Social Media.  The memes and skits are off the wall and the build up to this supposed boxing match is all everyone can think of.chris-brown-soulja-boyI say let them box and get this beef over with, I actually think it should be an innovative way to settle petty rap  beefs.  I’d say they should battle it out in record sales, but come on who is Soulja Boy in comparison of Chris Brown when it comes to Net Worth and Celebrity.  I wouldn’t have a Nightmare about Soulja Boy much more a Wet Dream.  #IJS

Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Break Up for the umpteenth time in their 12 month relationship!  Which I never believe when it happens, nobody took note that on the weekend they got into it, that their baby special aired that Sunday.  I’m all for marketing ploys to get viewers, but I think it’s dangerous to manufacture to much drama, as people don’t know when to take you seriously.

blac-chyna-rob-kardashianYou’d think Angela would have learned from her future Sister In-Law Kim Kardashian about crying wolf.  I say she get’s her a better creative team when it comes to content and promotions (Clear’s throat “I am available”).

Kanye West meet’s with President Elect Donald Trump and darn near everyone lost their mind.kanye-trumpI myself don’t see what’s the big deal about him wanting to sit down with President Elect Trump, the only issue I had was that hair style.  But now looking back on it, it seemed as though his choice in color was in Homage to Trumps.  Okay!  Kanye is Crazy, lol.  Next..

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