Entertainer & Talk Show Host Steve Harvey has come under fire this week for meeting with America’s President Elect Donald Trump. A formal meeting request Harvey himself pointed out that Obama & Trumps transition team requested his presence for.  So for a select few African American’s to take offense to a Black celebrity trying to come up with solutions for Urban Communities, with the soon to be leader of the Free World.  Their shock is baffling to me.

I can understand people being upset about Trump winning, but to sit there and Judge everyone else who meets this man.  And not just meeting him for shock value, but actually because they want to make a difference, is ridiculous.  Rapper T.I. thinks he can walk into Target and pay a few single mothers grocery bills, like that’s going to make any long term difference.  Everybody wants to support peoples 15 minutes of Charity or Philanthropy, but never take the time to acknowledge our true leaders or those who try to be.

Kudo’s to Steve Harvey and anyone else who’s seeking and working towards solutions, be it with Trump or their own organizations and works.

Comedian D.L. Hughley comes out and voiced his frustration with Trump and how he talked down on Obama not being a legal American, with the Birther movement.  But won’t D.L. wont tell you, or maybe he doesn’t know.  But the “Birther Movement” was started by a Hillary Clinton staffer back in the 2008 Primary’s.

The allegation about Obama’s birthplace tracks back to the bruising 2008 Democratic primary between Obama and Clinton.  According to a Telegraph article, as early as April 2008, a Clinton supporter passed around an email that questioned where Obama was born.


Of course Trump supported Hillary’s teams allegations as they were friends then.

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