Florida teenager Nakia Venant,14 of Miami, took her life earlier this week, leaving family and friends alike in shock.

Nakia had been in foster care and hadn’t been in the home she’d taken her life in long. This  had been her 10th location since being placed in foster care,  as she’d been moved around a lot due to different issues she’d faced in each home.  One report said, one foster move had to deal with sexual abuse.

Nakia started a  live stream shortly after 12am Monday morning and immediately starts the attempts of hanging herself  in  her Miami home, while her foster parents slept.  Police document in the report that she fashioned a noose out of a scarf and hanged herself from a bathroom door at 3 a.m.

One of her friends had sense enough to call the Police and report what she was seeing, but ended up giving the dispatched the incorrect address.  They were later able to get the correct address, but at that time it’d likely had been too late.

They rushed Nakia to Miami’s Jackson North Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

As of now her Facebook has been deactivated and every trace of the video has been wiped clean off the site.  Nakia’s death come on the heels of Katelyn Davis,12, of Georgia who committed suicide live on another streaming service called Live.Me nearly two weeks back.

What can we do to save our children?  It’s so much going on in the  World and without proper guidance and reassurance it leads them to be lost and without purpose.  I’m certain it was so many times this girl had been failed.  Considering she showed evidence of behavioral and mental health issues, based off the assessments of social workers in Florida and they didn’t offer her any help with that is disturbing.


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