future1Atlanta natives & rappers Future & Rocko, these two have been openly beefing off and on in the public for the past few years. And just when you think its over and done, more beef drops on the skillet of hate.  

It was just last summer I reported that Rocko Da Don was taking Future to court for past royalties and fee’s he believe’s is rightfully due to him.  Rocko claim’s Future owes his success to him and says based on the initial contract Future signed with him, he’s owed monies.

Prior to Future blowing up as big as he did, Fellow Atlanta Based Rapper Rocko Da Don signed Future to a 6 Album record deal. The deal was signed under Rocko’s Record Label A1 recordings.

In Rocko’s claims with the court he believes 25% of the advances made to Future from Epic is owed and 20% of his earnings from endorsements deals, touring, merchandise.   The total  of what Future owes Rocko is nearly more than $10 million dollars.

Read Full Story Here

Recently it was rumored that the Rocko and Future had settled the lawsuit a few days back, but Rocko cleared up those misconceptions on Instagram “NOT SURE WHO CAME UP WITH THAT PHONY STORY BUT IT IS FALSE”— Rocko Da Don (@Rocko4Real) February 18, 2017

Rocko Vs Future Lawsuit still on..Read Here

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