fetty-wapMr.1738 B*K*A Fetty Wap, never ceases to amaze me in reference to the piss poor decisions he’s made since becoming famous.  It’s like what would possess anyone to loan anything of value to this negro?  

I guess his surgeon saw something in him that was worth trusting him in his valuable, beloved family home/mansion in Puerto Rico.  A mansion worth 2.1 million dollars at that.

According to XXLMag.com

Fetty Wap and his crew allegedly wrecked a $2.1 million mansion in Puerto Rico. Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Jones rented the mansion to Fetty, but returned to find the place in a state of disrepair.

The “My Way” artist and his associates were accused of causing an estimated $50,000 in damages, according to Page Six. Jones found holes in the walls, blunts scattered throughout the residence, bed linen missing and “stripper lingerie” all over the house.

The damages caused the production of Jones’ reality show We Are the Joneses to be set back by a few weeks while repairs were done. Fetty’s insurance company paid out approximately $40,000 to cover the costs, but Jones sued the former XXL Freshman for an additional $5,000 to complete the repairs.

Covering those costs should be no problem for Fetty, who turned $1.3 million into $20 million through investments. The New Jersey native recently told XXL about how his business manager helped him increase his income.


How nasty is that?!  Very, in my opinion. I’d have been pissed off if I’d of came home to that and I’m sure this description is the milder version of what all they found.  If there was strippers clothes everywhere, I’m sure there was also used condoms thrown about.  And to have to sue him for the additional 5000.00 instead of just gracefully paying it himself, shows just how distasteful & disrespectful he truly is.   I doubt he even apologized, tag on the fact they wanted to mention his net worth as though its suppose to excuse him messing up that man house.

You have to leave that hood mentality in the hood.  What’s the point in making it and being able to provide for your family if your just going to squander it away on frivolous actions like this?

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