People wonder why we’re being taxed out the a**, it’s because we pay for the benefits of all these illegal immigrant’s and their anchor babies.  I know it may sound rude, but it’s definitely not an Un-American thing to say.  The Un-American thing to say is that our homeless Vet’s or our homeless American Citizens period shouldn’t benefit from those programs the most.  They should be first in line, don’t you think?  Am I going crazy?  

The headline should tell you everything you need to know, but to keep it cute I took excerpts here and there, I’ll put the link to the full article below. The Head line told me that the Illegal Immigrant’s knew what they were doing was wrong and now that we have a President in the White House who’s committed to “Making America Great Again”, that they are scared and they should be.  It’s been to long they’ve been riding the backs of the American Tax Payer i.e., me!  If you can’t afford to live here, it’s best  you do go back where you came and allow your government to help you.

Washington Post Reports:

In the two months since President Trump’s inauguration, food banks and hunger advocates around the country have noted a decline in the number of eligible immigrants applying for SNAP — and an uptick in immigrants seeking to withdraw from the program.

(Side Note -@Ms_Mobetta)- Now mind you the writer chose to use the term immigrants which would imply they are in this country legally.  So you would have to ask yourself as the reader, “Why are legal immigrant’s dropping out of SNAP/WIC?”  That’s cause legal immigrant’s aren’t its the illegal immigrant’s who are.  And we have an estimated 12 Million or so Undocumented families in America.  Than again they’re undocumented so I’m certain there are more than that, what you think they go around raising their hand during census time.

Undocumented immigrants are never eligible for food stamps, though they may live in a “mixed eligibility” household that does receive them. For instance, it’s not uncommon for undocumented parents to apply for assistance on behalf of their citizen children.

(Side Note -@Ms_Mobetta)Why did you come to America illegally, to have Children you can’t afford?  That isn’t the American dream.

Luisa Fortin sometimes sits up at night, wondering what her clients are eating. She is the SNAP Outreach Coordinator for the Chattanooga Food Bank — but lately she has done less outreaching.Since mid-January, five of Fortin’s families have withdrawn from the SNAP program. 

One, the single mother of three citizen daughters, had fled to Georgia to escape an abusive husband. Another, two green-card holders with four young children, were thinking of taking on third jobs to compensate for the lost benefits. These families represent a small fraction of Fortin’s caseload — she estimates she has signed 200 immigrant families up for SNAP over the past six months — but based on the calls she gets from other clients, she fears more cancellations are imminent.

(Side Note -@Ms_Mobetta)  Two not One Green Card Holders with 4 young children together were both taking on third jobs to compensate for the loss of benefits?  So your saying they have 4 jobs between them and I’m still paying for their children to eat?  What kind of sense does that make? 

Expect to see shorter lines at the Food Stamp/WIC office, maybe then American’s in dire need can get the assistance and help they themselves need faster and more efficiently.

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