Wait what happened now?  The clip I saw was so hilarious & out of no where, I went ahead and watched the whole interview.  Deray Davis & Faizon Love sit down with E-Bro and Rosenberg & Laura Stylez and have a great time cracking up.  

They spent the beginning of the interview explaining both Deray and Faizon run in with the law recently.  Spoke on how they felt about Trump saying how bad they felt for Chrisette Michele and how people attacked her for choosing to perform for Trump’s inauguration;  How they would of chosen to perform had Trump had been looking for 25 minutes of comedy.  They expressed how it’s strange that people can forgive murderer’s and drug dealers but not Chrisette Michele.  He explains why he calls Spike Lee a House ‘N***er’ beginning at mark 13:25.  Check out the full interview…



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