Although T.I is somewhat known as a lyrical genius on a hot beat, his true feats start when he walks out of the Studio and becomes Clifford Harris. You see Clifford Harris is a Married, 36 year old father of 6 kids by three different baby mothers from Atlanta,GA.  That doesn’t ring better than Single Atlanta Rapper & Actor T.I, for him anyways.  


It’s a mark 4:14 he goes on to explain how his marriage is a distraction.

Little does he know Floyd Mayweather  has been waiting on T.I to slip up, he’s been eyeing Tameka “Tiny” Cottle for years.  Even before T.I., he just wanted to be a Boss when he stepped to her.  Simply because he knew Tiny Deserved nothing less than to be treated as the Queen she is.    

It wasn’t but a few years back that Floyd & T.I had that brawl outside of an Los Angeles Burger joint over Tiny.  Which caused her to publicly back away from associating with Floyd out of respect for her marriage. (Funny how when the tables are turned, how Clifford couldn’t do the same.)

Floyd lost her once, he isn’t going to lose her again. Right now he’s allowing her to handle her business, he know’s that she has to  completely be done with T.I romantically and emotionally before he can truly have her.  He wants to allow her the time to grieve her failing marriage.  

See Tiny Files For Divorce From T.I.

My Prediction: After T.I’s and Tiny divorce is final, Floyd is going to court than marry Tiny on national television more than likely.  And it’s going to be the most watched wedding since the last Royal One.  

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