Actress/Socialite Karrueche Tran must of fell and bumped her head.  Especially if she thought it was possible to get away with providing testimony over the phone, in regards to obtaining a permanent restraining order on Ex, Chis Brown. Karrueche Tran Seeks Restraining Order on Ex Chris Brown?!

TMZ Reports:

Karrueche Tran didn’t get what she was gunning for in court Tuesday, because the judge expected flesh and blood to testify against Chris Brown, not a voice over the phone.
TMZ broke the story, Karrueche planned to get on the horn with the judge rather than appear in person, because she’s shooting a TV show in New Orleans. She was expected to take the judge through what she claims are a series of death threats and violent encounters at the hands of Chris.
The judge wasn’t having it, saying in order to get a permanent restraining order against Brown she had to either appear in person or give 12 days notice before the hearing that she would appear via phone.
The case was continued so Karrueche could file the proper paperwork.

The fact she went through the trouble of making this so Public, going around explaining to people how scared she was then and still is of Chris.  Only to tell the Judge who took the time to schedule her into his busy schedule, that she couldn’t make it because she’s filming a Movie in New Orleans.

How can anyone take you serious,if you yourself don’t take your own safety and well being seriously.

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