This Week …

When I tell you this past week has been hilariously draining. I don’t even know where to begin! But seeing as though Karma is what we can all relate to, lets start with internet sensation Rolling Ray.

Rolling Ray is known for his Catty, all Non-sense behavior and getting into it with celebs such as Caresha from City Girls & her Bestie Santana. Apparently not even month after getting into with Caresha about her dead baby father telling her in his words to go dig him up, Karma happened.

Now Ray came back a few days later laying it out saying how do we know his Karma didn’t already happen before that week and he just didn’t tell us about it. Now I’m not one to go around pointing out others peoples Karma or making fun of their misfortune, but when you carry yourself like you’re above it all without regard for other people’s feelings and speaking on the dead. Life has a way of pulling you back down to earth.

Now some people think that Karma is a one time deal, but how I like to see it is Karma can come in waves especially if you have a hard time recognizing or acknowledging why something is happening to you. So yea! Your Karma could’ve came weeks ago and you not said anything about it, but that doesn’t mean its done with you. Karma is for Lessons and until you learn, whelp! It tends to keep coming for you.

Rapper YFN Lucci turned himself in this past week in Atlanta on a Murder Charge and Lil Wayne’s daughter thought she’d keep us updated on her boyfriend Ray. Inquiring minds wanted to know, WTF! Is Ray? LOL! First of all generally people who are incarcerated that have a message they want you to pass along in the outside world give you access to their own social media to update you on their condition or whereabouts. For somebody who was describing what a sample was a few weeks ago, you sho’ is sounding like one right about now Regenerator! Where is Toya? Get your child! Over here passing around messages for a murderer, that nobody inquired about.

The inauguration happened this week and it without without a hitch or anyone throwing a hissy fit on Capitol grounds. Biden isn’t one of my favorite people in the world, but I am a strong believer in democracy. I may not agree with a lot of his policies and or his beliefs, but I can still pray that God leads this man to do what’s right for our nation. I can stand behind him with what he does that I do support, and speak out against against him in what I don’t.

What I don’t understand is on the first day how do you undo Trump’s construction for the Border Wall in the middle of covid. When there’s a strong need to protect our borders.

Think about it there’s millions of Americans already in line waiting for vaccines and Covid Financial relief now there’s caravans of 10,000 or more Strong headed to our border because they know Trump is gone and so is the care or worry about strong borders. They want the benefits that Nancy Pelosi snuck into our Covid relief bill for Immigrants and who can blame them?

In this new also Michael B. Jordan and his budding relationship with Cereal Dater Lori Harvey. Lori is no stranger to the spotlight when it comes to dating that is her known conquest in her 24 years have been Justin Combs, Sean Diddy Combs, Trey Songz, Future and now Michael B. Jordan. Now this relationship isn’t odd for Lori, as it seems she’s never single. But for Michael who’s never openly dated a woman as publicly as he is now, there’s rumors circulating Lori may be his beard. Which was deduced by the amount of pics that randomly keep leaking of them everyday via the paparazzi. Paparazzi people are speculating Michael is paying them to shoot and leak. Rep’s for Jordan released a statement to Hollywood Life citing..

“No one should anticipate an engagement between Lori and Michael this year, although it would not be a bad thing. But, they are enjoying being a couple, traveling and celebrating birthdays together. Things are really positive between them both and they have a really deep connection. They both respect each other’s work ethic as well. Michael would like more privacy and will not be talking about his relationship much or at all, but to say it’s going well would be a drastic understatement. Love is definitely in the air for them both.”

Wheew Chile that statement has never been truer, Wendy went from reading the tabloids to being on the cover of them in just a few short months. It hasn’t even been a full year since she left that whoring husband of hers and she’s back in the news due to the recent passing of her mother. Adding insult to injury her brother Tommy came out with claims that Wendy didn’t even attend their mother’s homegoing. Which is weird because she’s adamant she was there and saw the brawl/scuffle that her brother had right in front of their mothers casket. Now how and why is he surmising she was absent to begin with? I’ll never understand, but all I can assume is he’s one of those family members. You know the one’s who there and cooked but isn’t all the way done, cause my whole thing is why’d you feel the need to share that with the world if it were true. We’re in the time of covid to where if she wanted to attend a private homecoming for you all’s mother prior to her actual one with you that would’ve been fine. Who are you to tell someone when and where to grieve?

Everybody and they mama is doing the buss it challenge after Erica Banks single blew up this past week. What’s so crazy is at the end of last year prior to her even signing her deal I reached out to her people and requested an interview and never heard anything back. I like to show people I’m down prior to their big break. Because when I believe in someone, I want them to win. I just wished she’d given me the opportunity prior to all the hype, it would’ve been nice. But hey lets hope she can keep that momentum going and continued success.

I like to leave my week in reviews off on a positive note.. Something I hope you take with you into the next week.

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