“You Haven’t Seen That Sundays?!”- In Time (2011)

Now I know it’s been a hot dang minute since I’ve taken my posting seriously and/or written an article be it on Fashion, Politics, Gossip or any topic I generally touched on. But I’m backkkkk! I figured what better way to re-open the conversations we once had, then to share one of my favorite Dystopic Sci-Fi Films “In Time”. It features a young & sexy Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, as this was released in 2011.

In a world were no one ages physically past the age of 25 years old. Once you hit that marker of age 25 time is money and money is time. And if your clock runs out before you refill your time, you die. I believe it was very nicely produced and enjoyed it so much, its almost habitual having to watch it every now and again.

Also make sure you either leave your review of the movie in the comments sections about the movie and/or who do you believe Justin should go up against in a Versuz battle?

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