Monique & Husband Sidney:”United Front, In a Sea Of Haters”

Monique & Husband Sidney Hicks.

Say what you want about “Monique”, she’s strong enough to take it. Monique has never been a stranger, to what some may consider controversy in her life; It would be fair to say that she has a way of teaching beautiful & well-spoken life lessons she shares open heartedly with her fans & her especially her haters. I’m a fan of her honest truths and the spirit she invokes to share not only her wisdom, but her side of a story. Most people don’t know how to keep it as raw and honest as Monique’s come to do.

Now to the DL Hughley drama that he created in his mind. And I mean his mind, as he’s the one whom on record the last 8-9 years been talking smack about Monique. (All one would need to do, is search DL Hughley says this about Monique.) Like Monique said in her Insta Live, she was going to come for D.L. whether she was first or last on that stage. He’s been coming for her for years and she wanted to make sure he was there to witness his a** being handed to him. Because all these years she’s allowed him to publicly diss and dismiss her online (I.E. Behind her back & in her face #AtDaSameDamnTime) and the uproar behind that isn’t as loud as I hear for her.

People like D.L. say to protect black women and everyday those same men go out and do the complete opposite even for their own kin. That was the whole point Monique was making with her releasing a clip of D.L. Hughley openly admitting during an interview how he (D.L. Hughley B*K*A “Himself) how he ignored his own child telling him, how a close friend of his (D.L. Hughley A*K*A “Himself) had violated her sexually somehow. And he didn’t protect her and to this day he hasn’t released that predators name. I couldn’t tell you who it was!

Monique’s point in posting that was “I can’t expect him to want to protect & respect me, when he can’t he even do that for his own daughter”. The fact, that statement has people in an uproar with Monique in eloquently explaining that over D.L. actually admitting it himself on video and saying that. It’s Laughable! You have to be out your rabid a** mind to double down on wanting her to shut up! Like, who raised you?

It’s refreshing to see a Queen/Legend/Auntie/Goddess to be so passionate about passing on Jewels to up & coming Female Comics. I find strength in knowing that there’s an ally out there who may not personally know me, but cares enough to share her truth, in hopes I don’t have to go through the same thing she had/has to.

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