Is Meek Mill on Them Narcotics?! #IJustWannaKnow

                      Meek Mill Released Second Drake Diss In Concert: Rapper Endorses Shooting At OVO Festival After Party?

As the old saying goes a hurt dog will holla;  That’s all meek been doing since Drizzy Drake Responded Back to Back with them Disses…LOL  He coming off real crackish right now after those fatale loses to Drake.    I Just want to know if he on them Narcotics? There’s comes a point in time where you got to learn to take your losses. 

If he wasn’t all in his feelings he’d probably be able to sit down long enough to come up with a decent comeback that makes sense.  I’ve had typo’s that are harder then Meeks Rhymes. 

 I cant think of one Meek Mill song off the top of my head.  Case Closed you lose and that new song you got out with Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown don’t count cause people know who they are, you just so happened to be the whack elephant in the room. 

#IJS all I remember about you was Rick Ross acted like he aint wanna push you when you first came out and you went to Jail for what reason I don’t know. I don’t even wanna waste my time googling why you got locked up to begin with, but if I had to take a guess was it for being so Whack.. If not then it should be considered a crime and you should be sentenced to life.


What’s even more funny is your sister who look like she could shave her hair off and be you, thought she did you a favor by coming for Drake with these “Bars”.  Made you look even more Whack because she’s apparently is more intelligible then you when it comes to rapping.  I actually understood what she was saying, she came for your girl which is strange cause well its your chick.  You keep referencing Drake and Nicki together as though your trying to beat him to the punch on something.  He just like every other nycca in the industry done had your girl.  #Basically


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