Why Cant Yawl Let Ciara & Russell "Live & Love"


I’m over people tripping on Ciara & Russell Wilson happiness.  Why is it so hard to believe that two attractive successful people , can abstain from sex and have a stable relationship.  I think that people are two invested in others happiness and in the long run end up tainting there own.  While you sitting here hating on Ciara bringing her son around a man she just started openly dating.  For all you know they’d been talking for years as friends. 

 Then Future with his 5 Baby Mama having self got the nerve to get upset just cause this Russell took them out on a date to the Zoo and he was there at his football practices. 
Well how I see it, its better then a man who prefers she not have her child around.   Had it been the situation where you’d never seen Baby Future out with Ciara and Russell the people would still have something to say, they’d be like “Ciara don’t never have her baby with her”or “Russell must not like kids”. 
T.I. had the nerve to comment talking about that couldn’t be my Ciara with my Kid out there.  Negroe you like a Goose you got a gaggle of kids.  So your telling me you control who your exes talk to and spend money & time with your kids.  GTFOH!  This is laughable at best.  
 Ciara now how a Documentary coming out called “Kiss & Tell:My Diary” which touches on her Love & Personal life.  They say its a tell all on Future and his cheating ways and exploits.  I also heard she touches on the beef between her and Rihanna, which I never really understood. As of now there isn’t a set date of release, but I’m looking forward to all the juicy details.

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