Israeli War Plane Strikes Syrian Missile Base

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“Israeli planes breached Lebanese and Syrian airspace and bombed the Syrian regime’s 155th Brigade [base] in the Qutayfa area, destroying a number of missile warehouses,” sources told a pro-rebel news outlet, NOW Syria reported.

A Syrian activist also told the news outlet that Israeli planes “entered Syrian territory from Lebanon at 9:30 p.m. [Sunday] and bombed Scud missile warehouses belonging to the regime.”

“The planes bombed three warehouses containing Scud missiles at the 155th Brigade [base] in western Qalamoun’s Qutayfa area, completely destroying the above-ground [installations],” Ahmad Yabrudi, the activist, stated.

The base was reportedly one of the primary ones from where Syrian government forces had been firing Scud missiles at areas controlled by rebels combatting the regime, meaning the alleged airstrike would deal a blow to Assad’s fight against insurgents.


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