Cynthia Bailey and her rumored soon to be ex husband Peter Thomas just can’t dodge the separation rumors that’s been running loose as of late,  doesn’t seem to matter how many interviews they do and address them.  There still there and now those rumor’s have breathed life into another piece of juicy gossip that no one has yet seem to confirm or deny;  That has to do with the fact that Peter has allegedly slept with one of his wife’s RHOA castmates and you wont believe who they claim it is..

porscha williams 97.9 da beatApparently Peter was a client I mean sugar daddy to Porsha and that’s why she steady have his name in her mouth.  Porsha want’s to put Cynthia up on Peter’s dirty dog antic’s cause he stopped messing with her like that.  On the recent reunion Cynthia and Peter challenged Porsha to drop names of all these women she speaks of and send them to the media.  Let them all come out  Cynthia stated and that challenge has yet to be met by anyone.  So it does make you go hmm. They generally say where there’s smoke there is  fire.  If not Porsha then who?

Peter just look like a dirty dog, rumor also has it that he’s trying to get half of Cynthia’s Real Housewives of Atlanta check;  Which I find ridiculous, if true.  I’m going to need Peter to step up Cynthia is a beautiful woman who deserves much more.  Maybe they can pull a Nene and Greg.  Get a divorce, date  and get married again.


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