Black Inc Crew, ceasar, dutchess, oh shit, bic, season, gossip, news, entertainmentI’ve never been much of a feminist, but I’ve reached my limit on how Ceaser and his Cousin Teddy utilize the word b**ch like it’s an adjective for every woman who ever lived.  You’ll see what I’m referring to as soon as the episode plays. 

They  started off with where the last one ended, with Cease unnecessarily and disrespectfully putting out the new Tattoo Artist Teddy had to hire while Ceaser was locked up.  They Teddy & Cease proceed to have a conversation about how Ceaser just put the b**tch out the shop.  I forgot her name and I’m still not quite sure they ever said it throughout this episode.  SMDH.

Dutchess her attitude is just as messed up as it has been the last 3 season, atleast she’s true herself.  No matter how messed up of a person she can be.  The things she hold’s on to are unfathomable if it weren’t for this T.V. Show I can honestly say  I don’t believe she’d still be with Ceaser.  Which says a lot about who she is and her character.  She act as though she’s afraid to see Ceaser with anyone else and in the process she get’s so lost in trying to keep him she ignores the signs that are telling her to just let go.  I knew he was a bum when I realized his lips was purple.. lol I dont know what that has to do with anything, it just isn’t cute on him to me.

Donna is like a light switch and a doorknob, anybody can turn her on or get a turn.  She just is a mess in a bag,

Skye I’m going to leave her alone, that chick got goons and nobody has time for that.


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