christina milian, jas prince

Word on the street is that Christina Milian and her ex-fiance and Hip Hop Pioneer Jas Prince are back on again.See Drake Shuts Down Houston Block & Throws Block Party for Jas Prince Birthday.Rumors were sparked when Milian posted a video on her social media while visiting in Toronto, Canada presumably to catch up with Drake and the OVO squad that’s out there.  You know Drake is known for allowing his friends to crash at his pads around the world.  Just ask New York Giants’ star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.  he’ll tell you.  Odell is crashing at one of Drakes cribs I believe in L.A. if I’m not mistaken.  Don’t believe me just type it in your search engines.

CHRISTINA MILIAN, JAS PRINCEBut back to this mess here.  I know what your thinking,  “Why does it matter there back together?” ” Good for them”, rIght?  I mean yes and no at the same time.  Simply because Christina Milian did this young man wrong if you ask me.  First off he was who had her back after The Dream done her Dirty and she repays him by breaking there engagement to be with Lil Wayne.  Like seriously, you have to be a glutton for punishment to sit there and leave anybody for Lil Wayne.  Doesn’t he have enough Baby Mama’s and Groupies as it is?

Hell, he’s been engaged to a chick named Dhea for like 3 years now.  Lil Wayne was the 2nd piece of left over scraps you done ran up behind Nivea on, not to mention your kids already share siblings because Dream has Violet with Christina and 3 Kids with Nivea.  So you can better believe the whole family was praying Wayne didn’t knock Christina up.  Wayne’s Daughter and his coven of women never accepted Milian and he could never bring her to family gatherings.  Which I’m certain he didn’t put up much up a fight for her to begin with.

I find it interesting that she broke things off with Lil Wayne not long after he won his lawsuit against Cash Money in back royalties owed from the discovery  and signing of Drake.Jas Prince Wins Lawsuit Against Cash Money

I’m just saying tread lightly Prince, I know your daddy didn’t raise a fool.  You from Texas you know how the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you”,  “Fool me twice, Shame on Me”.  Now don’t go openly shaming yourself, next time that “Thot”  whip out her phone trying to Cap, let know what it is.

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