amber-rose-slutwalk Late Night Host & Model Amber Rose attended and hosted her 2nd Annual Slut Walk this weekend.  Several celebs came out to speak on slut shaming and others chose to perform.  Interesting enough it was just a few weeks ago she called out ex-husband & rapper Wiz Khalifa for slut shaming her.  The slut shaming was  in response to an obscene comment that Amber mentioned Wiz In.-Amber Rose Calls Wiz Out For Slut Shaming Her!!?.

blac-chyna-slutwalkBlac Chyna Came out to support her good friend Amber and the crowd ate it up,  as they enjoy seeing the friends together.  It’s sure to clear up any rumors of turmoil between the two since Angela “Blac Chyna” is practically apart of the Kardashian-Jenner Family as she is carrying an Heir to the Kardashian name and bloodline.  But that’s not stopping them from friends and I give them both Kudo’s to that.  Besides they both nipped there beefs in the bud, Chyna With Kylie-Blac Chyna & Kylie Kiss & Make Up!?. and so did Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian.

moniece-slaughter-ml-ab-dj-duffeyLove & Hip Hop’s Moniece Slaughter (Hollywood), Mariah Lynn (New York), Basketball Wives LA Angel Brinks & DJ Duffey attending the Slut Walk.  And from what I hear befittingly so for Duffey from what I hear. I’m surprised she’d support such a movement as she was trying to call out Angel Brinks friend whose also named Angel on Basketball Wives as being a slut.  SMDH…

althea-hart-slutwalkMarriage Bootcamp & LHHATL Alumni Althea Heart found her way to Amber’s #SlutWalk and thought it befitting to bring her & Benzino’s infant child with her.  If this isn’t a prime example of “what a mom shouldn’t do” than I don’t know what is.  Benzino has already spot out about it via a video message he posted to his Social Media account.

benzinoAmber than took it upon herself to respond to Benzino underneath his post, which he’s now deleted.


trina-slut-walkTrina & Amber Rose… kattat-slutwalkVH1 #Chicago #BlackInkCrew Kat Tat & Amber Rose slutwalkJoanne The Scammer & Amber Rose

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