Katie got that “Sunshine” , she’s the first woman to capture Jamie Foxx’s Heart enough to get this close to the Alter.  Heck that’s in Gossip, Theory or the actual truth. 

You’ve never heard of Jamie getting this close to settling down;  If you have please tell me who was this young woman and where might I be able to see a picture?  Jamie’s always has been a great father there’ no arguing that.  But let’s not ignore the fact that he’s been eligible Bachelor this long looking for “Love”, heck he’s supposedly 5 seconds away from Marrying Katie Holmes and he still hasn’t claimed her.

There’s rumors swirling on the whereabouts of the location and the venue of the wedding.  Which were likely sparked when renovations of her Vacation Home in Toledo, Ohio near the shore’s of Lake Michigan begun.   The Source who spoke exclusively to Radar Online say’s Katie is pouring Millions into the renovation’s for preparation of the wedding.

Jamie & Katie have both been spotted wearing Bands on there ring fingers as of late.  So we will see.

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