lamar odom, khloe kardashianLamar Odom might be out of an medically induced coma but many of those who’ve encountered him in the past few months notice something’s off about Odom’s Behaviour.According to sources surrounding the filming of E! Online hit show “Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s Lamar’s mental capability is questionable;  Some of the crew who’s been use to filming the family over the years have noticed Odom’s demeanor is a bit off and they can tell he’s not the same Lamar as before.

Their concern is with his welfare as there’s nothing he wont do when asked especially by one of the Kardashians.  No one was named specifically but that just goes to show you this whole family has Lamar Odom wrapped around all their fingers.

Kris Jenner is excited for the new season with all the Drama surrounding her family as of late, she feels as though she’s hit a gold mine in Reality TV for future views and ratings.

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