ABThis past week NY Rapper Azealia Banks usual formula for controversy to promote her music and brand has finally blown up in her face.   After a series of homophobic and racist twitter rants to ex  “One Direction” heart-throb Zayn Malik and talking down on UK-Bred Hip Hop Artist;  Going on about how she feel’s their less talented  & gangsta.  All this before Headlining Rinse-Born & Bred Festival.  An UK Festival with other artist who are from there.  So what the Organizers of the event did after that, came as no surprise.  Read The Rest…


It was also First Grime DJ Sama threats to boycott the festival if Banks stayed on as the headliner, that helped put the final nail in the coffin of their decision to cancel.  Then after all that was said and done she comes back and goes on another rant, about how happy she was that she was canceled and how her fans will be the disappointed ones.

“To all of my Darling UK fans who bought tickets to see me at the Rinse FM show. My sincerest apologies!!!!!.. But you know Mama Puma always goes in for the Kill. And NEVER backs down.”

She later on semi-apologized to Zayn, by apologizing to the people she offended in offending Zayn.  Which I and everyone else with a conscious, thought was insane.  Well today we celebrate as Twitter finally decided to Suspend the embattled rappers account off of their platform.  Can you blame them?  Twitter didn’t want to continue being the conduit for Azealia’s evil rants.

She stays losing.  SMH.  Does this girl not have a Publicist or a Manage.  I don’t understand how one person can go one from one ridiculous thing to the next and not learn from there mistakes.  All she wants to do is cyber bully all the time.  As though its suppose to be cute, when all its doing is destroying what little bit of a career she does have.  The only time I hear this chick name is when she’s saying or doing something ignorant.  Apparently  she’s not talented  enough to stand on just that alone, she has to incorporate drama.

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