To help combat the war on drugs the  Principal  of an Kentucky All-Male High school has  decided for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year he’s e going to implement random drug test on their students.Principal Bob Rowe says he want’s to add pressure on his student’s to do the right thing and stay focused.  He hopes that parents will help support his decision in strengthening the young mens lives and health, by preventing drug abuse and use.  How the program works is the first positive test will be kept confidential.  If a second test comes up positive the student will lose their extracurricular activities and 3rd fail will more then likely lead to expulsion. They school also would provide Counseling and assistance to students.

If parents don’t want their children being tested, then they will not be allowed to register as student’s to attend the school.  “Why not educate our young men so they lead and have a safe lifestyle for the rest of their lives,” Rowe said.

I think it’s an excellent idea, considering the many young lives lost to drug addiction and abuse in the last year in Kentucky alone. I believe its a bold step in saving lives and in achieving change.  I love that they give them not only opportunity, but also the help that they need to get better.

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