blac chyna rob kardashianBlac Chyna shared a sonogram of her gut full of Kardashian, along with a touching message encouraging friends and her followers that true love is attainable and happy endings are possible even for the broken hearted.blac chyna

blac chyna 1

With Tyga being a single man all of the sudden, it must sting to know that he doesn’t have baby mama to fall back on.  He can’t even be her side dude with Rob being her man.  I mean what woman is going to risk messing up the “sweetest revenge” in history for they 2-timing baby daddy.  Puh-Lease!

Blac Chyna was winning before this now she’s reigning champ!   It went from to he my man, to he my fiance, to he my baby daddy real quick!  With her having the rights to the name Angela Kardashian already and a “Kardashian” Heir on the way, she honestly doesn’t even have to legitimately marry Rob.

Marrying Rob is just the cherry on top of this diabolical cake. I honestly feel like this was a union built on revenge and it wouldn’t surprise me if their first dance isn’t to Rihanna’s-Fell in Love a Hopeless Place.  It would be fitting.

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