LIL WAYNELil Wayne took the time to announce he’d be dropping 2 new album this year, during a concert he held this past Saturday at a Comerica Theater in Phoenix.  He’d started his show letting his fan and concert goers know what was happening between himself and Cash Money and he want you to know..

“F**K Birdman & Cash Money” Wayne got the Crowd to chant before putting on his performance.  He states the label has been holding him back and that he doesn’t know what’s wrong with them.  He also wants you to know that he don’t care what anybody thinks about his situation cause he’s handling that.  I basically broke down what he said in white-mans layman’s terms, so enjoy!

I’d say Wayne is getting a bit cocky about his situation with Cash Money considering he must know something’s coming down the pipeline for Birdman.  Considering it was just last year Birdman & Young Thug were implicated for the attempt on Lil Wayne’s life-See BIRDMAN & YOUNG THUG FINGERED IN CONSPIRACY TO MURDER WEEZY

Birdman’s Instagram page had immediately gone private after it was revealed he’d been considered a suspect in the attempted murder for hire plot.  Likely he was erasing any association with the Cash Money employee/assassin who’d turned a dime on him. It was just the Summer of Last year Birdman was saying how his All-Star line up wouldn’t be going no where-See BIRDMAN “DRAKE & NICKI AINT GOING NO WHERE”

Funny how part of that wasn’t true,  Birdman’s claim on Nicki & Drake might of startled most record companies in the US to not try and sign them.  But luckily Drake had connections in the UK and has recently signed to a new label- See NO MORE YMCMB! DRAKE SIGNED TO ANOTHER LABEL.

Of course Nicki’s falling out with Drake had everything to do with the fact that he was leaving Cash Money and she was bitter that no one else wanted to chance signing her like Drake.  What’s even more interesting is her random relationship with Meek Mill, in my mind she only chose to go that route because she needed protection from Cash Money she felt.

I believe in the long run Nicki’s hoping to sign to MMG.  Who’s know but keep your eyes pealed, Birdman is slated to be the Suge Knight of the South; I can bet your bottom dollar that’s the case.

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