LINDA STEINHighly successful Rock Music Manager and Realtor, Linda Stein was horrendously beaten to death and robbed of 30,000.00 in forged checks back in October of 2007. 


The attacker turned out to be her newly hired assistant Natavia Lowery. After a highly publicized and lengthy trial on May 3rd,2010 “Lowery” was sentenced to 25 Years to Life for ther death of to Linda Stein too run concurrently with 3 years for theft.  All there was left for Judge Billings to do on behalf of her trust and her family was to figure out who was to blame.  The Judge ruled out Stein’s employer at the time brokerage firm “Douglas Elliman” who in theory and truth were responsible for paying for the perk of Linda having her own assistant, luckily not for the hiring of.

Judge Billings  reviewed the hiring process of assistants at Douglas Elliman, he’d found that in ruling them not liable, who should be and that’s the Temp Agency they utilized to find assistants, Axion LLC.  The Judge stated Axion LLC had not shown proof so far that they’d even followed the minimal of guidelines by doing a reference much more a  background check on Lowery to begin with.

Billings doubts they did  either considering on Lowery’s record it shows past batteries and thefts.  So for them to say they vetted this assistant properly is a joke.  With this ruling releasing Douglas Elliman Brokerage from responsibility it leaves the field wide open for the Family & Trust to come after Axion LLC and rightfully so.

The Judge Ruled: “While such conduct might not show her propensity for violence, such disclosed irresponsiblity would prompt a duty to investigate her poor job performance and irresponsibility further, potentially uncovering more serious misconduct and may have been reason alone not to hire her for further placement.”

Natavia Lowery is a sick individual she beat this woman about the head and shoulders with a baton and left her dead.  She hasn’t been a model prisoner either, having to attend court for separate incidents that happened while incarcerated inside of the prisons prior to her sentence, reasons reportedly because she’d though it was funny to throw her feces at guards.  When she was younger before all this she was also arrested for assaulting her roommate and robbing her.  If that wasn’t a clear sign she wasn’t stable, then I don’t know what is.  I’d say good luck and Godspeed to Linda Stein’s Family.

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