DASHLast Night the Kardashian Sister’s beloved Dash Store in LA was attacked & damaged Late Monday night after close by an unknown man as reported by onlookers. 

Which in my mind, was their way of saying he was Caucasia.  If it was brother best believe they’d had a better description is all I’m saying.  #OK #ImNotMad #Hmmph

The man was caught by several bystanders  breaking the front window of the shop by throwing in a make shift Molotov-Cocktail, luckily it fizzled out after landing inside of the shop.

No word or a response from either Kardashian Sister yet.  But it’s amazing to me with all these burglary’s and vandalism that runs rampant in this family, you’d think they’d have better security and protocols in process when it came to protecting all their stuff.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Robbed, Cop’s Believe it was Inside job.

Kanye West Studio Broken Into & Robbed

Scott Dissick’s home was mysteriously broken into as well about a month or so ago while in Cannes, France with Kris & Kendall Jenner.  Hmmph and let’s not forget when Lamar and Khloe were first Breaking up a few season’s ago when her safe was broken into.  The only person who hasn’t hollered theft is Kylie & Kendall Jenner and I guess that’s because they have more loyal friends.  Friends who don’t want for nothing and the Kardashian siblings & respective exes and current’s apparently don’t.  Kind of makes you wonder, then again Tyga is being accused of ripping off Kylie for Millions.  So theoretically it just leaves Kendall…Hmmph, for now?  We’ll see in the continuing “Game of Thrones”  #KUWTK Style.


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