ciara6Today, Ciara & Russell became one and jumped the broom in an extravagant wedding that was held at Peckforton Castle in Liverpool, England.  Both were surrounded by family & friends at their fairy tale wedding, certainly one for the ages. 


It wasn’t long ago they’d announced the engagement and Russell like a true gentleman proposed in the most beautiful, romantic backdrop that a true ‘Prince’ would. Ciara & Russell Wilson Are Engaged?!

“The news everybody’s been waiting on,  Russell finally asked Ciara to be his.  I guess he couldn’t wait any more.  Seattle Quarterback Russell Wilson proposed to Ciara on a beautiful beach in Seychelles following Paris Fashion Week.”-SuperStarStatusLBS

Now the two have officially married and couldn’t be happier, I know they’re ready to ready to finally not be Celibate any longer.  The sexual tension has been oozing between these two, since they’d started publicly dating and when I say Ciara looked absolutely stunning I still feel as though its an understatement. Russell Wilson didn’t look to bad himself.

ciararussellwilson@Ciara Instagram Caption: We are The Wilsons

It was just yesterday when rumor’s were spreading the two had already married, but it turned out to be a false flag.  As all that was caught was them entering their rehearsal wedding and dinner. (See-Ciara & Russell Wilson Start Their Future Together -Also found in article I touch on where baby daddy, Future head is at and the recent threat’s he’s made to Russell Wilson.)  Several celebrity guest attended the nuptials and I’m quite certain a few special performances, considering she had some of the most talented artist in attendance as well.

JenniferHudsonJennifer Hudson (@IAmJHud Instagram)

Jennifer Hudson, Fiance David Otunga & Jr were in attendance, and Jennifer or her family couldn’t look any more beautiful.  Her son is getting so big, I remember when she was pregnant with him and just wondering what it would be like to be a mother for the first time.  Her and David have been engaged for your years and it works for them, apparently they’re in no rush to jump the broom and thats fine at least they appear to be happy together.

I don’t have photo’s of the wedding party as of yet, as they had a strict no phone or social media rule apparently.  But I can say without a doubt who her Brides maids were,  Lala Anthony & Kelly Rowland were two of the celebrity one’s I could pick out in this photo below.  The one and only Michael Costello sketched and designed each bride’s maids dress.

ciaras bridal partyMichael Costello Sketch of Brides Maids Dresses

kelly rowlandKelly Rowland posted a behind the scenes photo in what appears to be part of the wedding venue or location where they were staying yesterday on Instagram and has been radio silent ever since.



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