ciararussell5Mr. & Mrs. Wilson had to been the hottest couple, ‘excuse me’, married couple there.  They oozed I can’t get enough of you all night and I must say its very sexy how Russell looks at her.  They’re a freaking walking advertisement, with all that bling and glamour on. 

I know I couldn’t fit or afford, nothing Ciara or Russell got on, but looking at them I instantly still want to know, what is they have on?  I wouldn’t be surprised if designer’s started offering them to walk run ways together, all because they physique’s compliment each other so well.vanessakobeVanessa & Husband Kobe Bryant are expecting another bundle of joy, from what I understand another little girl.  I think it’s sweet they’re still young enough to try for a little boy one day, if they want.  Kobe’s come a long way not only in the NBA, but as a family man and I must say Vanessa was and is his saving grace.  If it not been for her ringing him in, he could have been another Lamar Odom, you’d think Khloe would have had her number on speed dial. Then again maybe that’s why Kobe’s and Vanessa’s marriage has stood the test of time, cause essentially you heard about him cheating one time and you haven’t heard nothing else in over 10 years and they’ve really built a really good family home base.  Don’t nothing good or bad come out that camp unless they want you to know.

aishastephcurryAyesha & Hubby Steph Curry one of my favorite NBA Couples, she has such a beautiful spirit and you can tell she go hard for her man.  They have the most adorable, smart and well behaved kids you’d ever seen and I can’t wait till they have more,  I’m actually hoping they’d consider me to be a God Mother, lol I’m kidding.. But I wouldn’t turn them down either.dwadegabbyDwayne Wade & Gabby Union

teyanaJ.R. Smith & His Wife and behind them is Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert

laura govan4Laura Govan at the ESPYs?  I know she’s not there with Gilbert Arenas, because they’re so done you can cut off the stove.  Or maybe she’s there to secure her another baby daddy.  Her best bet is to start dating Baseball Players life Evelyn.



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