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Celebrities are showing there support one way or another in the Taylor & Kanye Beef, after it was discovered she was lying about not speaking with Kanye about his lyrics about her in the song “Famous”-Kanye West & Taylor Swift Beefing!?

Even though Singer/Actress Hailee Steinfeldh  starred as one of Taylor’s crew in her infamous”Bad Blood” video , the starlett went out of her way to reveal to 17 Magazine that the two aren’t actually that close, “I think people think we spend a lot more time together than we actually do!” she says.

justin timberlake kanye westjustin bieber

Justin Bieber posted the above photo yesterday captioned “Taylor Swift what up” while on Facetime with Kanye West and a few other buddies.  Plenty of people found this to be funny, hence the 1.7 million likes, the shares & memes that followed.  And you can be certain Taylor was somewhere grinding her teeth.  Taylor has taken some what of an hiatus on social media, only post a photo here or there since she exploded on Instagram in anger to that tape being leaked.taylor swift 2taylor swift3

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