tyshay culber19-year-old Tyshay Culber is blessed to be alive after surviving a fall from the roof atop of a four-story apartment building in Bronx, NY, following an argument with boyfriend James Ellis,24.  Friends of Culber tell media that she’d been trying to break it off with Ellis days leading up to the altercation that nearly taken her life.  And they also say it was a regular occurrence to see the two arguing, fighting and chasing each other around town.

According to the NYDN:

Ellis and Culber were arguing shortly after 2 a.m. atop the four-story Franklin Ave. building in Morrisania where Ellis lives, sources said. As the fight escalated, Culber started crying, according to court papers, at which point Ellis told her to stop — then repeatedly struck her in the face.Moments later, he allegedly pushed her over the rooftop. With her body dangling from the ledge, he held her by her arms, court papers said.“Babe, I can’t hold on any more,” he said, according to court papers, and let go of her arms.

Ellis is currently being held on 100,000.00 bond for attempted murder and if you ask me it’s not enough considering Tyshay could be dead.  Tyshay Culber was rushed within enough time to Lincoln Hospital, and because of her life threatening injuries, crushed pelvis and a tearing of her aorta then was transferred to Bellevue Hospital where she is today recovering.  The Police still don’t know the full story as Culber is in so much pain she’s unable to speak with them right now.  And in due time justice will be served, we here at Super Star Status are praying for a speedy recovery.

I want this story to be a lesson to everyone especially these young girls, that yea it’s cute to have a boyfriend/girlfriend (whatever your preference) but as soon as you see the signs of abuse, be jealousy, physical or mental you need to run away as fast as you can and seek help.  Don’t stay in these types of relationships until it’s to late,  not everyone is as blessed a Tyshay was to survive.


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