TYGARapper Tyga just cant seem to catch a break when it comes to the pesky landlords asking for their money. And although he’d like all of us to believe these are just rumors or a conspiracy theory an L.A County judge  believes that’s far from the truth, considering he just issued a bench warrant on Kylie’s boo thang.   Months ago an ex landlord of Tyga won a 480,000 against him and as of now has yet to been paid, he then failed to show up to court this week in response to his lack of not paying it. In which case the Judge then issued a Bench Warrant for his absence.

To add insult to injury he’s had no problem dropping big cash on not one but two cars both ranging in the 200,000 range in the past two years on girlfriend Kylie Jenner.  Which only proves to the Landlord & the courts that he’s not that strapped for cash and all he’s been doing is ignoring his legal & financial responsibilities.  It’s a wonder why anyone continues to rent to this man, considering this supposedly the 3rd landlord to take offense to the Tyga leaving them high & dry.

It was just a few month’s ago it was rumored that the rapper reportedly owed his tween queen Kylie Jenner Millions-TYGA REPORTEDLY OWES KYLIE MILLIONS.  And although they’ve both done a great job at playing those rumors off as false, its hard to believe that it’s not true considering he has judgement’s against him.  You better believe his ex Blac Chyna is somewhere laughing her a** off and shaking her head as she prepares to birth the next generation of Kardashian.

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