pixxaPizza eateries in Sebastian, FL can breath a sigh of relief after a Randy Riddle,49 was arrested and charged with petty theft & harassment. The harassment charge because he’d called & made several false orders in which he had Pizza delivered to abandoned addresses or ordered Pizza’s and never bothered to pick them up.  And of course ordering food to be delivered and not paying for it is theft, especially if you do it in a repetitive & malicious fashion.randy riddle

According to the DailyMail:

Over a period of three weeks, police told the newspaper that Riddle made orders and refused to pay for them.

Riddle also directed delivery people to fake or vacant addresses and told the restaurants their pizza was nasty.

In June, police in Sebastian, Florida, began investigating Riddle’s phone calls that he made to TJ’s Pizza, Danny’s Pizza and other pizza delivery restaurants.

During the calls, Riddle used five different phone numbers and either used a false name or refused to leave his name for many of the orders, according to the Palm.

The restaurants said they lost at least $667 because the food wasn’t paid for.


In the end the Judge made the right decision by barring him from being able to order another pizza in is natural born life.  I love pizza to much to think about being barred from buying one,  as hilarious as the thought is, he did cause these businesses hundreds of Dollars.  He may not be sorry right now, but I know Randy gone be at home one night dreaming about a slice.  He gone have a personal Pizza Man he’ll have to go to when he needs a fix.  I wonder if he’s allowed to go to Pizza parties, anywhere?

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